about us

The Calliopean Club is an intellectual discord society, dedicated to inquiry, quality discourse and civil debate. We are an inquisitive and curious community, that look to engage in reasonable dialogue that challenges ones preconceptions and views on politics, science, history & philosophy.



  • Open-minded Dialogue ️

  • Civil & Rational Debate

  • Intellectual Curiosity

  • Positive & Welcoming Atmosphere


  • Detailed rank system with a variety of self-assign profile tags.
  • Regular events like our famous, "Degenerate Debate Night", ♟Chess Tournaments, and Movie Nights.
  • Biweekly Seminars held by scholars and experts on a variety of subjects.
  • Access to our private membership library, a collection of PDFs of scholarly sources and textbooks
  • Diverse members from all over the globe and political sphere.
  • Scholars in various subjects that participate regularly and are happy to teach.
  • A quality community where all members share in the club ethos of civility, open-mindedness, reason and have a desire to be intellectually challenged.
  • A positive environment that fosters self improvement rather than "winning" or humiliating the opposition.